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Grüß Gott and Welcome to the Austria Travel Expert Program!

When people think about Austria, Vienna’s imperial splendor, historic architecture, white Christmas and Sound of Music often come to mind. True enough, and yet ‘Holidays in Austria’ stands for a lot more which you can learn about over the next few months.

Our online training program has been created for YOU, the travel industry in Australia and New Zealand. It will provide you with an expert knowledge about Austria, you will find out what’s new in 2021 and learn how tourism in Austria safely adapted to the current situation.

Finish all 8 modules by 11 December 2020 for your chance to win a trip to Austria for two and to experience our home country firsthand. There is also plenty of other prizes to be won along the way.

We hope you enjoy learning about all things Austria!

Astrid Gruchmann-Licht & Kathrina Denk
Austrian National Tourist Office, Sydney

Is Austria the perfect combination of culture and nature?

With its central location in the heart of Europe, Austria has always been Europe’s melting point. The Habsburg Empire, which had its seat in Vienna, spanned a territory from modern Spain to Romania and left the country with iconic cultural treasures.

Besides its Imperial elegance, Austria’s pristine nature is an important part of the country’s DNA. Within a five hour drive you can travel from the Alps’ most rugged peaks, past crystal-blue lakes to sun-soaked vineyards where glasses (or bottles) of Grüner Veltliner can be enjoyed at local wine taverns.

The dedication to locally sourced ingredients is quintessential to Austria’s culinary landscape which goes further than Wiener Schnitzel and Sacher Torte. Taste your way through local farmers markets, try traditional Alpine cuisine at mountain huts, enjoy a rainbow of glazed pastries at coffeehouses and spoil yourself at one of the gourmet restaurants.

The combination of centuries-old history, stunning landscape and good food paired with Austrian Gemütlichkeit (pronounced guh-MOOT-lih-kite) is the secret of Austria’s excellent hosts. Gemütlichkeit is our way of living. Its essence hangs somewhere between relaxed well-being, an open attitude and a feeling of profound comfort. Whether it is the concierge at the hotel, the waiter at a restaurant or a local craftsperson they all are ready to share their excitement, expertise and Gemütlichkeit.

We, at the Austrian National Tourist Office look forward to showing you what Austria has in store for you and your clients in 2021.

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